SPS Energy has been witness to the rapid development of PV module and enabling technologies over the past two decades.

From a handful of manufacturers in the late eighties the renewable energy industry has endured the growth pains of an accelerated expansion and witnessed corporate explosions, implosions and misfires.

In that period of high risk and uncertainty SPS Energy strived to build enduring relationships with long term tier one suppliers to ensure continuity of supply and product support, so important to underwriting the trust factor demanded by SPS Energy clients.

SPS Energy continues to apply those core values to their supply chains to ensure that their clients are assured that the products that reach their properties are of premium quality and represent true value by producing energy for the design life of the installation.

SPS Energy monitors MTBF (mean time between failures) to flag potential problems and proactively address performance compromises prior to loss of service.

Over the years, dialogue between SPS Energy and product manufacturers has headed off potential problems long before it became a major issue.  Fortunately these instances are few and far between with a much lower incidence today.

Constant vigilance, pretesting and product proving are all part of the selection criteria that SPS Energy applies to any equipment that SPS Energy chooses to represent.

SPS Energy is proud to include in its supply chains well recognised brands such as:


Schueco International:

This long established German family company provides a line of premium components to satisfy the most demanding of renewable energy specifications.

With multiple income streams this company offers stability and security and commands the highest levels of performance and reliability in all aspects of its operation.

SPS Energy’s premium range of On and Off grid components consists of the Schueco range of products.

Trina Solar:

As one of the world’s largest vertically integrated manufacturers of PV modules the Trina range of products has proven their value over many years of service.

As a tier one company Trina Solar relies on a stringent quality assurance program to ensure that their range of mono-crystalline and polycrystalline products meet or exceed design specifications.

The Trina Solar Range of Honey Polycrystalline Cells have created new records in efficiency and cost effectiveness resulting in more power and better value. 

The Trina Solar Linear Warranty guarantees a greater power yield over the service life of any installation.

Suntech Power:

Suntech Power is a tier one PV module Manufacturer employing Australian technology to deliver a world class product.  Vertically integrated, Suntech Power manufactures PV modules from the raw product and provides a twenty five year limited warranty setting the industry bench mark.

With many years of proven high performance technology backed by a stringent quality assurance program, Suntech PV modules command respect in the market place and are rightfully one of the World’s largest PV module manufacturers.


As the link between the PV modules and the user, the inverter is as important in the renewable power delivery chain as the PV modules.


SMA is a German company predicated on manufacturing the highest quality products reliably and efficiently to ensure that each and every one of their products meets or exceeds the expectations of the client.

To back up the undertaking SMA offers world class service to ensure that any and all problems are responded to efficiently in a timely manner.

In the unlikely event of a system failure, the swap out policy employed by SPS Energy and SMA, working together, minimises any PV system down time by replacing defective components once identified to ensure that your investment remains an investment and does not become a spend.

Fortunately failures are very rare, but an immediate response is justified to ensure complete satisfaction.


Kaco is a German Inverter manufacturer highly regarded in European markets and preferred supplier to many of the PV module manufacturers.

The Kaco range holds a particular advantage for clients contemplating an upgrade to on grid hybrid (battery backed on grid supply) as they share a communication protocol with Selectronic SP Pro inverters which permits AC coupling of the two inverters eliminating the need for additional components when upgrading to On Grid Hybrid.


The Selectronic range of On Grid Hybrid and Off Grid inverters are designed and built in Australia to demanding specifications that only Australian conditions dictate.

The SP PRO inverters are the core element of the Off Grid and On Grid Hybrid components of the SPS Energy range, providing a flexibility and ruggedness that delivers the confidence demanded by clients totally reliant on this equipment for their power. 

From Ambulance stations to holiday homes.  

From rural properties to home offices. 

Anywhere reliable power is essential for work and comfort.

SPS Energy is proud to be one of Australia’s Premium SP Pro partners.


RF Industries:

SPS Energy is especially proud of the long and enduring relationship they share with RF Industries.

SPS Energy is one of the premium members of the Power Partners group which serves as the back bone of a supply chain that ensures continuity of supply, even in severe component shortages. 

The close personal bonds built up between the two firms over two decades results in a strong relationship that serves SPS Energy clients well.  


Spectracraft is a sister company to SPS Energy and serves as the design, manufacturing and distribution wing.

Spectracraft has recently released a range of SolaReady installation aids to further improve installation presentation and meet the recently revised PV solar installation standard AS 5033.

SPS Energy offers clients access to the SolaReady products to ensure quality and reliability of installations every time.