Rural Energy Solutions

SPS Energy has been installing Off Grid solar for longer than most solar companies have been in business and remains one of the most experienced in Australia.

Remote solar power provides electricity independence from the grid, delivering power for remote housing as well as agricultural and industrial applications.

With more than 20 years experience of successfully installing remote power, SPS Energy can safely claim to be leaders in remote power applications.

Design and installation of an Off Grid solar power system that meets your individual needs is a specialist application that is confined to a limited number of accredited off grid installers Australia wide.

SPS Energy has been a CEC accredited Off Grid installer since accreditation was first introduced.

Benefits include:

  • No on-going electricity bills
  • Avoid bringing grid electricity across vast distances
  • Protection against rising diesel costs
  • Increased Solar Credits available for CEC Accredited Off Grid installers
  • Environmentally friendly power
  • Reduced fossil fuels, emissions and noise
  • Generates clean, "green", electricity
  • Silent operation
  • Reliable power
  • Customised to meet your individual needs and budget
  • Live where you want to not where you have to

Our specialist remote solar consultant will visit your home or business to discuss your requirements and will provide an obligation free quote for a system to meet your needs.

Our systems are designed to suit a wide variety of needs and situations and are customised to your requirements and lifestyle.

Because you are connecting a power generator to your home that requires trouble free operation for many years to return your investment, reliability is of extreme importance. Our installers are authorised, licensed and insured professionals who are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. Our expert installation includes all solar system and back up components, custom system layout and design and 24 month onsite warranty. And we also complete three free maintenance visits as part of our satisfaction guarantee.

Contact us today for your obligation free assessment and quote by our specialist solar consultant.