Residential Energy Solutions

Solar power is a secure source of energy that is automatic, virtually maintenance free and provides both financial and environmental benefits.  

It uses one of the few renewable resources that are readily available to us, sunlight.

SPS Energy only uses Tier 1 PV module suppliers: Suntech, Trina and Schueco.

Proven leaders in module manufacture technologies providing solid warranties with proven track records, SPS Energy has installed tens of thousands of these PV modules without defects.

SPS Energy offers two types of urban power:

On Grid Solar Power – Replace fossil powered electricity with a cleaner, more efficient and cost competitive alternative.  For properties connected to the electricity grid the addition of a small scale PV generator to your property can release you from the costs associated with grid electricity and provide an ongoing benefit guaranteed for the life of the system.

During daylight hours the operation of your residence is supplied from your own roof top providing energy independence.  At night the residence uses a small amount of power from the grid drawing down on credits earned during daylight hours.

This solution reduces or eliminates exposure to increasing energy costs and provides certainty and peace of mind.

On Grid Solar Hybrid Power - by including a battery set in the energy mix, the home owner can now choose when and how much power is drawn from the grid. By moving to partial or total grid independence as part of the SPS Energy Tariff Master program, power bills can become a relic of the past, and outages are everyone else’s problem, not yours.

SPS Energy brings the most advanced inverter solutions together with years of Off Grid solar experience to create an energy alternative that will future proof your residence or small business and set you apart from your neighbours. Reliability, affordability and energy independence can all be yours.

Off Grid Solar Power - Remote Power for locations not connected to the electricity grid (Please see Rural)

Financial Benefits

  • Reduce or even eliminate your electricity bill
  • Protect against rising energy costs by generating your own electricity
  • Create STCs - a one off form of "carbon credits" that can be sold to offset the purchase cost when you install renewable energy equipment.
  • Access Solar Credits to improve the post sale rebate

Environmental Benefits

  • No fossil fuels, emissions or noise
  • Generates clean, "green", electricity
  • By using less fossil fuel generated electricity, you're reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions

Our specialist solar consultant will visit your home or small business to discuss your requirements and provide an obligation free quote for a system to meet your needs. Our systems are designed to suit a wide variety of situations and are available in a range of sizes.

Our installers are authorised, licensed and insured professionals who are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. Our expert installation includes all solar system components, custom system layout and design and coordination with your power company.

Because you are connecting a power generator to your home, trouble free operation for many years is required to return your investment meaning reliability is of extreme importance. This is why all our work comes with a quality assurance guarantee and a lifetime installation warranty to ensure your peace of mind.

We also complete a satisfaction guarantee follow up six months after your system is installed.

Contact us today for your obligation free assessment and quote by our specialist solar consultant.

Installing one of our Solar Hot Water Systems is the simplest, most effective way a household can reduce their carbon emissions and their hot water heating costs (by up to 80%).

In fact, installing solar is the equivalent to planting more than 200 trees every year or taking a small car off the road each year. If you are building, renovating or simply replacing an existing system we can provide you with a cost effective, efficient and environmentally sound product.

We only use Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Systems as they are made from the highest quality components and can therefore offer one of the longest warranties on the Australian market. The evacuated tube energy collection system is superior to the conventional flat plate technology having the ability to operate effectively in winter and summer.

The evacuated tube was actually developed at a Sydney University around thirty years ago. It has been operating successfully for many years in Asia and Europe, and is now their number one choice for solar hot water.

The Simple Solution

All of the information about solar hot water may seem overwhelming so that's why our specialist solar hot water consultant will visit your home or small business to discuss your requirements and provide an obligation free quote for a system to meet your needs. We can also assist with rebates and applications to make sure your new purchase is as easy and hassle free as possible.  Our installers are authorised, licensed and insured professionals who are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction.

Contact us today for your obligation free assessment and quote by our specialist solar hot water consultant.

The Details

For those of you who love the details, following is some more information about Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Systems.

Apricus tubes consist of an inner and outer tube sealed under vacuum using 1.6mm glass. Their robust nature minimises the possibility of hail and storm damage. And in the unlikely event of damage, the replacement cost of each tube is very low compared to replacing an entire flat plate. Unlike flat plate collectors, even if a tube is damaged, there is no loss of water or hot water supply while you wait for a replacement.

During high temperature operation and or frost conditions no water is expelled from the system eliminating wastage and roof stains.

Apart from the minute amount of water stored in each tube, there is about two litres contained inside the manifold. This reduces the overall weight of the on-roof components to less than the weight of a person lying on your roof.

The inside of the tube is coated in the latest technology 12 layer sputtered coating for highest efficiency, absorbing the sun's rays and retaining 97% of the heat. The thermos effect permits heat retention even in overcast conditions allowing temperatures up to 250c inside the tube! The benefit to you is faster heat recovery whenever the sun is shining.

The Apricus evacuated glass tubes provide superior daily heat collection due to the cylindrical shape keeping maximum surface area exposed to the sun. This passive sun tracking ensures the optimum use of daylight hours. These key factors enable the evacuated tube to perform at times when traditional flat panel solar systems become inefficient!

The manifold and frame are made from highly durable, extruded anodized alloy with the latest European styling.

Australian Standards require level 2 frost protection. In Australia operating temperatures down to minus 15c are mandated.  Apricus systems exceed this standard and are guaranteed to minus 29C without the need for glycols or antifreeze liquids.

And the Apricus glass tubes are naturally self cleaning when it rains due to their shape. Therefore they don't lose performance from the collector being coated in dirt or pollutants.


There are times when prolonged overcast weather reduces the heat gain and therefore the storage tank temperature falls to below acceptable limits. Under these circumstances boosting is required. Typically in Queensland the number of days boosting is required is limited to something under 6 days. Because of our location and exposure to high levels of solar thermal energy the most cost effective means of boosting is electrical.

Natural and LPG Gas boosting options are available when high demand may require additional heating.

Choosing a boosting option is much easier once the operating conditions for the system have been established. Our obligation free consultation service enables you to make an informed choice.

Other considerations include the required number of collector tubes and storage tank size and again we can assist you make the most cost effective selection that guarantees your satisfaction.

In conclusion, these key benefits of Apricus Solar give you the highest specified system on the market, combined with the proven back-up and support, from a professional team with years of experience in evacuated tube solar design and delivery.

There is a lot of talk about energy efficiency and reducing your environmental footprint these days and most of us want to do something positive for the environment. But often it is hard to know where to start.

We've put together the following information a good starting point for you:

  • Energy Efficiency Audit – call SPS Energy and arrange an audit for your home or small business.  Once a benchmark of your energy usage has been created, potential energy savings can be highlighted.
  • Energy Efficient Lighting and Appliances - we've done the research and can recommend and supply products to reduce your demand. 

Incentives associated with the Renewable Energy Industry have traditionally been susceptible to changes in government policy. The following aims to summarise the main scheme that is applicable, if you are considering installing renewable energy products.

Solar Credits

The Federal Government’s Solar Credit Scheme is the mechanism via which it acknowledges and values the renewable energy produced by your solar power, or solar hot water system.  The Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC) is the related commodity that is generated to account for the coal-fired electricity that would have otherwise been consumed.  STCs are traded on a market and so their price can fluctuate over time.  This scheme finishes on June 30, 2013.

For more information click here.


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At SPS Energy, our decades of experience will minimise the hassle of designing, installing and maintaining your new system.  We can tailor a range of services and products to suit the level of assistance you require, while still ensuring your energy demands and autonomy are satisfied.

The more significant services we offer include:

  • Energy Usage Assessment (Demand)
  • Advice on Energy Efficiency and Appliances
  • System design to correctly size your batteries and solar panels

Over the years, we have established relationships with the suppliers of the highest quality of equipment.  Some of which are as follows:

  • Batteries
  • Solar panels
  • Inverters
  • Regulators
  • "Balance of System” equipment
  • Extra Low Voltage (DC) Appliances

SPS is a registered member of the Power Partners agreement, guaranteeing quality and service. While you are out and about in this big country, travel with peace of mind knowing that expert advice is as close as your nearest Power Partner.

Contact us now on 1800 4 SOLAR (1800 476 527) to arrange an appointment with one of our expert sales team.