Commercial Energy Solutions

Our approach is to provide first class and reliable service for all our clients using in-house talent from the sales and design processes through to installation, maintenance and after sales service.

SPS Energy specialises in energy management and mitigation for a wide range of commercial, residential and custom applications.

The delivery of these projects has resulted in a proven track record of project management, project funding and ancillary services such as back up, maintenance contracts and promotional opportunities.

SPS Energy is technology agnostic providing the most appropriate solutions to each application, leveraging the capacities and resources of strategic partners as required.

SPS Energy provides:

  • Reliable, first class customer service
  • A Costed Energy Management Package (CEMP) to assist the implementation of energy management solutions
  • Improved HVAC efficiency
  • Improved use of energy efficient principles
  • Energy efficiency
  • Staff training to reinforce energy management initiatives, encouraging energy reduction behaviours

SPS Energy has:

  • Installed the largest privately funded solar installation in Australia as part of a costed energy management package (CEMP)
  • A proven track record for quality solutions that deliver tangible benefits
  • Delivered low carbon outcomes for commercial and residential properties
  • Qualified in house staff to meet or exceed all mandated requirements
  • Provided on and off grid energy solutions to resorts, agricultural, commercial and residential properties for over 20 years

Product uptake has been driven by:

  • Increasing energy costs
  • Unacceptable operating overheads
  • Customer demand for renewable energy solutions

As part of the cleantech industry sector SPS Energy solutions are suitable across a wide range of industries, from agriculture, food processing, tourism and events, manufacturing and light industries, health and aged care, digital industries, education, professional services, sport and leisure to name a few.

Our approach is to provide:

  • First class and reliable service for all our clients using in-house talent from the sales and design processes through to installation, maintenance and after sales service
  • Innovative solutions to complex challenges and issues for industry

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Innovative solutions to complex challenges

SPS Energy is committed to offering best value propositions based on solid business principles.

SPS Energy offers a Costed Energy Management Package (CEMP) to assist implementation of energy management solutions that provide certainty of power costs for medium to large enterprises.

The team at SPS Energy is proud to be able to offer to clients a range of solutions and overcome impediments to operating a profitable enterprise in a carbon constrained environment.

SPS Energy undertakes its own research and development to create new product solutions to fill existing industry supply gaps.

We welcome the opportunity to engage in the assessment and provision of effective energy management strategies that will ensure your business remains competitive and profitable.

Value proposition for enterprises

As electricity infrastructure upgrade costs are passed on, averaged energy charges are anticipated to increase at around 10% p.a

Australia has commenced migration to a carbon constrained economy.  The legislation is in place.  There remains a high probability future governments will follow this path to varying degrees, with minor adjustments and relabelling.

To remain competitive and viable all types of industry will have to adopt energy mitigation strategies.

The primary objective of energy mitigation strategies is the elimination of inefficient, redundant processes and work flow practices which typically result from legacy cultures developed as businesses grow organically.

Outdated and outmoded equipment and practices are often overlooked with “store blindness” preventing clear and forensic analysis of the operating regime.

SPS Energy specialises in a guerrilla approach to work flow and energy consumption by focusing on high yield targets.

SPS Energy will work with you to develop an ongoing efficiency strategy, sequentially rolled out minimising exposure to cash flow and delivery disruption.

SPS Energy does not rely on cookie cutter solutions.  SPS Energy  engineers considered responses after an exhaustive data acquisition process which precedes any consideration of recommendations.

Ultimately the possibility exists for onsite electricity generation to reduce or eliminate the imposts associated with network line losses, for which the enterprise pays, but does not receive benefit. 

As much as 90% of the energy charges can be associated with direct charges or geared charges based on consumption.  A reduction in high carbon energy consumption addresses the embedded energy cost present in the pricing of your company’s products.

Our clients are commercial entities and can therefore access a number of accountancy tools available to offset capital expenditure improving payback periods substantially.

SPS Energy can assist development of valid business cases for your enterprise and work with you to improve your competitive advantage for many years to come.

For these, and other, compelling reasons, the Team at SPS Energy  look forward to assisting your enterprise with your energy future.

Commercial Energy Strategy

SPS Energy provides a comprehensive and continually evolving cost effective strategy to maximise the energy efficiency and use of resources for your enterprise, minimising input costs based on the best practice tools, products and procedures available.


  • Eliminate or reduce the dependence of your enterprise on fossil powered Grid electricity.
  • Maximise self-reliance and control future electricity costs to the business through self- sufficient practices.
  • Significantly increase the capital value of your enterprise properties and business.
  • Lead the market by pioneering sustainable business practices.
  • Demonstrate corporate environmental responsibility by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.
  • Significantly reduce the exposure of your enterprise to the impact of the Carbon Tax.
  • Lead the country in adopting a 21st Century low emission strategies and recognise its place in relation to helping reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Undertake a power minimisation assessment, and review potential electricity saving recommendations.
  • Have an ongoing power minimisation/creation and storage strategy with SPS Energy.
  • Minimise capital expenditure and maximise all target objectives.