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80 kWatt System: Caloundra

80 kWatt System: Caloundra

At the time of commissioning, research by SPS Energy placed this installation as the largest privately funded solar system installed in Australia.

The client approached SPS Energy in mid 2010 seeking a remedy for the unacceptable energy costs associated with the operation of the enterprise.

Investigation revealed that the predominant energy use was associated with two discrete HVAC systems supplying office blocks at either end of a large warehousing facility.

The building was relatively new, however the air quality in both areas was low given the amount of energy expended.

By introducing one of SPS Energy’s strategic partners to the client, the reason for the poor performance was quickly identified and a low cost solution offered, energy consumption mitigated and comfort levels substantially improved.

With the energy consumption of the property now under control, SPS Energy was able to provide a renewable energy displacement component to the Costed Energy Management Package, to take the site close to energy neutral.

Inherent in the CEMP was a business proposition that delivered a realistic payback period and after a sign off from the company’s accountant, an 80 kWatt solar array was fitted to the building to power 75 kWatts of inverter capacity.

The system is now commissioned and operating to provide the client with certainty of power costs into the future and provision for even greater energy autonomy should the need arise.

The process required to deliver this level of grid demand mitigation was one of ongoing dialogue with the client and other key stakeholders.  A high level of commercial trust and credibility was demanded by all parties to overcome the process gaps, technology and installation constraints, timing and financial exposures.  SPS Energy was able to deliver a high level of professionalism at every point in the process with clear and transparent communications and accurate predictions of achievable outcomes.  The process will remain one of ongoing monitoring and a level of involvement by SPS Energy to ensure client satisfaction, network compliance and return on investment.

Recent power accounts demonstrate an energy consumption decline of over 60% in the first billing period after commissioning, followed by a further reduction to below 10% of the original demand for the full billing period.


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